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Who We Are

Founded in 2000 and still owner-managed, we show that innovation and solid reliability are not mutually exclusive. We work future- and customer-oriented. The satisfaction and justification of the trust of our customers is always our top priority.

Through our many years of experience as a software consultant in the field of training management and event organization, we have gained in-depth insights into the challenges of the industry. In response to this, the product simplyOrg was created. Due to the practical development, the software is tailored exactly to the requirements of the users. The result is an enormous simplification of daily work and greater transparency for all stakeholders in the field of further education and event management.

Founder’s Message

“Providing the best educational software solutions for our customers’ various needs is our ultimate aim. We are determined to offer organization and sale of seminars, e-learnings, and webinars in the cloud solutions to our various clients. We will continue to focus on our company’s long-term health through steady and controlled growth and search for new and creative ways to work. This will go a long way in engraving our name in our customer services’ good books.”

Arno Bachhofer
Founder, simplyOrg

“We established simplyOrg to transform the educational landscape by empowering commercial and public educational institutions, company academies and clubs/associations to meet their demands and target, as well as provide a lasting impact on the world through technology and innovation. We provide high-quality and cost-efficient software development services while maintaining professional services and quality content in a manner that exceeds every customer’s expectations.”

Stefan Berends
Founder, simplyOrg

Our Journey


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Our Success Factors

A critical success factor that is pertinent to the growth of our business is the number of clients we can attract with our quality services. Our effort as a company will continually focus on increasing and improving our client base. This would easily be achieved by ascertaining the following:

Fluid Transition

We will ensure that we flow with the trends and stay relevant in the SaaS market where we operate, stay up-to-date, and promote our business practices by integrating more innovative and creative service methods.


To earn and maintain an impeccable image, we will always look for innovative and creative methods for improving our services. We will not slow down a bit in our pursuit to always satisfy our clients with new, modern, and innovative methods and approaches toward delivering quality education software solution services.

Knowledge about the Industry

We aim to continue to update our knowledge with the latest and most profitable industry techniques and ideas that comply with local and international industry standards by keenly following the trends as well as bringing about new ideologies.


We will adopt a flawless communication channel for all clients, enabling excellent business transactions and a platform to make inquiries and provide solutions to them instantly.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility in Action

At simplyOrg, we understand that our business decisions and the methods by which we engage our key stakeholders affect not only our organization but also, in a profound way, the communities and environment that support our lives and businesses. We are committed to serving as an ethical organization and sharing our time and talent to improve education software not only in Germany but around the world, which contributes to the sustainability of our local communities.

With this firm knowledge and a determination to ensure that our efforts to meet the needs of the present do not deprive future generations of their ability to meet their own needs, our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy demands that we responsibly run our business while simultaneously ensuring long-term sustainability.

We believe that the communities in which we operate should benefit from our presence. We operate an inclusive strategy and therefore encourage our employees to volunteer for community activities that align with our CSR pillars.



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