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Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

The customer is statutory health insurance and a nursing care insurance fund provider for Saxony-Anhalt. As a leading health insurance company in Germany, the health insurance provider employs more than 1900 people in 43 different customer centres.

The aim of the health insurance provider is to work together with its insured persons to improve the range of products and their benefits and services. Additionally, the company also wishes to offer all insured persons better orientation for the assessment and choice of their health insurance company. The goal of the customer is to set a benchmark for transparency in providing quality care and service in the statutory health insurance field.

The Challenges

Elevate employee wellness with hassle-free Health Days

The “Health Days” initiative was a key offering by the customer, which aimed to promote employee health by providing a compact daily program on company premises. However, organizing and planning these events proved to be a recurring challenge for both the customer and the companies involved.
The event planning process relied heavily on paper, pen, and Excel lists, and the room planning and participant list creation and communication were done manually. Employees were informed about the event through physical notices, which were not always read, resulting in poor attendance. Scheduling individual appointments were complex, and avoiding double bookings was a significant challenge due to the manual nature of the process.
Additionally, it was not possible to consider alternative dates for individual participants, which led to dissatisfaction among those organizing and attending the event.

The Solution

Empowering Health Days with simplyOrg’s digital transformation

After carefully assessing the challenges faced by the health insurance provider in organizing and planning Health Days, the simplyOrg software was tailored to meet their specific requirements. This allowed for the digitization of the Health Days process, enabling easy communication of appointments through company portals, websites, and e-mails at the touch of a button.
This made it easier for all potential participants to be informed about the event, and booking appointments became effortless. This digital transformation of Health Days not only improved the efficiency of the event organization but also provided a better experience for employees and participants.

The Result

Elevating employee wellness through digital Health Days with simplyOrg”

  • Digitization of Health Days process through simplyOrg, enabling easy appointment communication and participant information
  • Effortless appointment booking and improved event organization efficiency
  • Enhanced employee and participant experience through digital Health Days
  • Automatic booking of participants into the correct course
  • One-click appointment communication and improved Health Days organization with simplyOrg

Customer Quote

We have found a good implementation partner in simplyOrg. The software simplyOrg was adapted to our needs. With a lot of empathy and implementation competence, the project management supported us professionally in the implementation of our requirements. The application is easy to understand and is a great help for us in managing our daily work. Working with simplyOrg is a good experience. The decision for simplyOrg was exactly right. Many Thanks

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