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DACH, Germany

The German Institute for Horse Osteopathy (DIPO) is a specialist school for horse osteopathy, canine osteopathy and horse and canine physiotherapy with four of its own locations and numerous partners for further education and training.

DIPO is a leader in imparting practice and knowledge about the health of horses and dogs for professionals and amateurs. The training institute has existed for over 25 years and offers several years of further training in horse and dog therapy as well as advanced training. Their aim was to extend the training offer and aim it at various target groups, such as animal owners without any previous medical knowledge, veterinarians, human physiotherapists as well as doctors.

The Challenges

Streamlining seminar management for DIPO’s growing online education demand

DIPO, an organization that traditionally relied on offline teaching methods, was facing challenges as the demand for online education increased. To meet this demand, DIPO decided to look for a seminar management system with extended functions and an interface to their website.
Prior to implementing simplyOrg, DIPO had a digital seminar administration process in place, but it was completely offline. This resulted in a significant amount of time spent on appointment and participant management and a high risk of errors, particularly with participants accidentally booking the wrong course.
The organization’s limited administrative staff was unable to keep up with the increased demand for online education, resulting in the need for a more efficient and effective seminar management system.

The Solution

Streamlining DIPO’s online seminar management and handling high registration demands

In 2019, DIPO decided to partner with simplyOrg to improve its online seminar management capabilities. Alongside this change, DIPO also gave its website a major overhaul. Due to a large number of procedural changes, DIPO’s small team of 3 administrative employees initially introduced the administration of simplyOrg while continuing to accept registrations by e-mail from the old website.
After a few months, when both DIPO and its website were ready to fully utilize the simplyOrg CMS, the organization was able to fully benefit from the solution.
For example, during the start of a new course year, DIPO would typically receive up to 700 registrations in 48 hours. With simplyOrg, DIPO’s team was able to efficiently process such high registration demands.

The Result

Efficiency and convenience at your fingertips with SimplyOrg

  • SimplyOrg allowed DIPO to handle high registration demand without the need for additional administrative staff
  • Quick and efficient creation of appointments
  • Automated entry of preparation tasks
  • Automatic booking of participants into the correct course
  • The ability to quickly send course information
  • Quick generation of invoices
  • Participants had access to view their bookings, download scripts, and certificates of attendance as needed.

Customer Quote

As one of the leading providers of educational offers in the field of dog and horse therapy, thanks to simplyOrg, DIPO was able to advance both “digitization” and business by far. The time savings and reduced workload are worth the challenge of a “switchover”. The transformation ofmanual processes into a digital solution is a worthwhile challenge that quickly pays for itself. simplyOrg successfully supported us with the introduction of the seminar management. Even after the introduction we receive good support. With simplyOrg we have found a professional and reliable partner at our side. We look forward to further growth in the future through further process optimization.

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