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In Germany, 15 regional road transport cooperatives (SVGs) have formed a national organization called SVG Bundes-Zentralgenossenschaft Verkehr eG (SVG Central Cooperative of Road Transport eG), headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. The organization brings together around 8,000 transport and logistics companies across Germany who are members of an SVG.

SVG was established in 1948 as a registered cooperative and is a member of the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics, and Disposal (BGL) e. V. This organization aims to provide its members with a range of services and benefits, including representation at the national level and access to industry-specific resources and expertise.

Performance Indicator


cost savings per year


participants per year managed by

Up to 70%

savings in seminar processing and
planning times

The Challenges

Automation: The key to reducing workload and increasing accuracy

The seminar administration process was facing several challenges for SVG, including:

  • High reliance on manual processes, leading to increased manual effort and workload for employees
  • The use of multiple individual programs, resulting in complex issues and longer processing times for seminars
  • Insufficient standardization and optimization of processes due to the use of different software
  • High lead times for seminars due to the complex and time-consuming nature of the administration process.

These challenges were negatively impacting the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the seminar administration process for SVG.

The Solution

Streamlining Event Planning: Reducing Manual Effort and Improving Efficiency

  • A requirements workshop to identify and document the specific needs of SVG-Süd
  • Comparison of the current processes with the desired target state to identify areas for improvement
  • Process consulting to optimize and streamline existing processes
  • Adaptation of the simplyOrg seminar software to the user-specific and company-specific requirements of SVG-Süd

This process aimed to ensure that the software was tailored to the specific needs of SVG-Süd and that their processes were optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

The Result

Efficiency and cost savings: The benefits of implementing SimplyOrg

  • Streamlined processes led to a more manageable workload for agents
  • The implementation of simplyOrg resulted in an annual cost savings of €86,000
  • simplyOrg managed a participant base of over 10,000 individuals for SVG.
  • Significant savings in seminar processing and planning times, up to 70%.
  • Increase in online registration through a user-friendly online portal linked to the backend, from 0 to over 300 per month
  • Scaling participant numbers without additional staff thanks to increased efficiency
  • Development of a group solution for 9 SVG cooperatives in progress.

Customer Quote

With SimplyOrg we have found a competent partner with whom we could successfully digitalize our seminar administration. By introducing SimplyOrg, we have optimized our processes and with the time gained, we can now concentrate on what is close to our hearts – Our Customers!

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