E-learning Automation Platform for Companies and Educational Institutions

Are you looking for impactful e-learning course management software for your employees?

Buying great courses is just the beginning of your employee’s learning journey. The real challenge is to ensure that the right course reaches the suitable employee, who can benefit from it, through the right medium.

simplyOrg’s e-learning software helps you right from planning and preparing to executing your e-learning courses. We have automated manual tasks such as filtering courses that are the right fit for your employee and their career aspirations; preparing and sending email invites including follow-up and reminder emails to the participating employee; and sending course completion certificates to them. We have prebuilt email templates and drag-and-drop features to help you plan everything seamlessly and effortlessly.

e-learning for educational institutes

E-learning for Educational Institutions

Plan, build, and manage all your e-learning courses and webinars on a single platform. We ensure you have all your courses listed and segregated category-wise in just a few clicks. You can even add accompanying or complementary materials for the courses. Our software is intelligent enough to help you design user journeys using their navigation history ensuring a positive user and customer experience.
Integrate with standard payment gateway methods such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, credit cards, and more to swiftly deliver courses to the user. Users also get their own profile where all their bought courses can be accessed along with any other materials, webinars, schedules, events, or any other activity you provide.

Benefits of simplyOrg E-learning Software

We have made thoughtful efforts to make this software impactful; giving you the power to manage high-impact courses and digital learning through a single pane of glass. Some of the benefits are

  • Easy end-to-end management and delivery of your e-learning courses as well as automatic provision of the personalized course certificates
  • Sales website of your e-learning courses adapted to your needs
  • Course booking via website with no necessary connection between website and e-learning platform
  • Provision of both online and offline payment methods
  • Easy account access for customers with access to booked courses, documents, etc.
  • LMS support for evaluation for Scorm 1.2 and 2004
  • Allocation of roles and rights as per user role definition
  • Customizable pre-built email templates
  • Drag-and-drop feature for easy scheduling the campaign
  • Instructor and participants management
benefits of e-learning software
The e-learning opens in a separate window with all the functions provided in e-learning
e-learning additional information
Add additional information and descriptions
e-learning customer profile
Booked e-learning courses can be started directly from the customer’s profile
Always keep track of all e-learning participants
e-learning with basic information
Create e-learnings with all basic information


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