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All-in-One Seminar Management for
Companies and
Educational Institutes

Helping you automate your complete seminar management
from planning to registration to post-event follow-ups.

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Adopt the Smarter and Efficient
Seminar Management

Driving success through automation and digitalization
for companies and educational institutes.

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Automate, Digitize and Optimize your
Seminar Management and
Business Operations

Save time, reduce manual efforts and increase productivity throughout
the planning and execution of your seminars.

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More than 20 years of success in the market


Satisfied Customers


Upto 70% increase in efficiency


Time savings per month with an average of 10,000 participants per year


simplyOrg manages more than 200,000. 
participants per year

Create and Elevate your Seminar Management Journey

SimplyOrg enables you to streamline, standardize and automate your end-to-end seminar and conference. It increases your and your team’s efficiency, and productivity while ensuring that you have all the support and more for the flawless execution of your event.

Our Offerings

Seminar Management
for Enterprises​

We help you automate your seminar, and training courses on a single platform that is time- and cost-effective.

Seminar Management for
Educational Institutes​

We help you streamline your seminars and conferences workflow and processes with a single central platform.

E-Learning Platform​

Push all your e-learning and training courses on a single platform with an intuitive, rich and modern
UI experience.

Event Management

Simplify and streamline your complex event and large conferences planning and execution with intuitive and intelligent software.

Digitalization and Operational

Eliminate manual processes and achieve digital transformation; increased mobility and operational efficiency all with just one software. Bring transparency and accountability to your work processes along with an exceptional, rich, and modern UI experience.

Intelligent Automation for
Seamless Execution

Automate right from your registration process to invoice generation to post-follow-up emails. Enable a consistent experience for your registrants by removing clunky manual processes. Your team will be thankful for reduced manual tasks while they work on more strategic and fulfilling tasks to engage with your subscribers and prospective leads.


Reduce Software Complexity

Build your complete workflow under a single platform. It helps you get rid of multiple subscriptions, hard integrations, and third-party applications that bring in complexity as well as are prone to inconsistent intelligent reports for your next event planning.


simplyOrg – Software for managing seminars and events

Are you an enterprise or an educational institution who holds regular seminars, webinars and e-learning courses?

If you are one of them and are struggling with planning, managing and executing your events and seminars, then look no further, simplyOrg empowers you and your team to digitize and automate the entire seminar management lifecycle. With the easy onboarding and easy to read dashboard and analytic report, we help you create a unique event experience for your attendees and audience.

Watch this video to know how simplyOrg can help you reduce 70% of your operational cost and increase efficiency with the digitized seminar management process.

Key Benefits

Modern, Intuitive User Interface

Be updated with the modern best practices and adopt the latest technology for super fast
execution and integrations.

Intelligent Reports

Consolidate all your information and data under one platform for data-driven intelligent reports for informed decision making.

Convert Contacts into Subscribers

Build for converting your contacts into subscribers, and create an experience that is unique to your brand.

Data Security

Ensure the highest level of data and privacy security for your corporate and institute’s data, safeguarded with encryption.



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